Saturday, April 19, 2008

VBTA: Light Rail In Virginia Beach Would Require 2,000 Feeder Buses

Yeah, that's straight from the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) Transportation Chairman Reid Greenmun. On he stated light rail in Virginia Beach would require "upwards of a Billion Dollars for a feeder bus service". You can read the hysterical comment yourself at

Uh...the hybrids Virginia Beach is buying to replace the overage trolley fleet are under $500,000 each. For $1 billion, you could buy 2,000 of them. If you bought 2,000, you'd probably get one great fleet discount.

With statements like that, no wonder the VBTA isn't taken seriously. Maybe it's time the VBTA ditched it's anti-Transportation Chairman....


Anonymous said...

2,000 buses? That's the entire LA County system :)

I can imagine the wonderful system we could have here if we had that many buses. Now, how to store and pay for that?

Reid: How about supporting a tax hike to pay for your automated elevated system you brag about? Oh, I forgot. You hate taxes. You complain when the city makes any changes, or wants to make changes.

VBTA: Stop bashing HRT Ideas. I've read that blog for a while and it's been nothing but positive things. Perhaps you should leave - go find some small town that doesn't have transit - and leave us alone.

Anonymous said...

(Avenging Archangel, my name is Jessica B. and I'm the one who wrote the LA County comment). Other than that, I wish to remain anonymous. I do not work for HRT. I do not work for the city. I do agree that the VBTA can stuff it.

Avenging Archangel said...

No problem. I allow anonymous comments here to try to promote debate.

Anonymous said...

Somebody has a nasty little mouth.

Michael Ragsdale said...


Thanks for your compliment. No, I'm not afraid of the VBTA and I am not afraid of Reid.

Anonymous said...

No problem. Seeing how nasty they are getting, whoever this person is can stuff it too.

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I'm glad you aren't afraid of me :-)

Somehow I can't imagine I would "scare" anyone.

The only folks that need to fear the VBTA are those local elected representatives that seek to abuse our government for their own ends.

As advocates for good government we are more than willing to shine the light of truth into the shadows of corruption - or foolish misuse of tax funds.

-Reid Greenmun
VBTA Transportation Chairman

Anonymous said...

Foolish misuse of tax funds eh? For example, being able to get around at night & Sundays? From what I hear, you would consider that misuse of tax funds.

Reid, please do tell us the "truth" since is very badly outdated (and why not update the site while you're at it?)

Anonymous said...


You write:

"For example, being able to get around at night & Sundays? From what I hear, you would consider that misuse of tax funds."

I am unclear as to what you are referring to - can you shed some light on what your comment (above) means?

Jessica, I do strive to share truth.

As to the matter of the outdated VBTA website. I have raised that matter many times in the past with the VBTA Board. The problem stems from resources and a civic itinerary that keeps the membership very busy and there isn't the luxury of time for the website to be maintained by those assigned that responsibility.


Avenging Archangel said...


What Jessica is refering to is that the year-round bus routes in Virginia Beach off of Virginia Beach Blvd, only run 13 hours per day, 6 days per week. (It's telling that the VBTA Transportation Chair didn't know that.)

HRT has a draft plan for evening and Sunday service. However, it was a victim of the Budget cuts.

Jessica's point is that the VBTA would oppose funding it.