Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Troll Said It: The VBTA Is For Racists

Three blogs (HR Transit Ideas, Tidewater Musings, and this one) have been attacked by a troll who identifies himself as a member of the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) and who clearly has a knowledge of the group.

As I explained to Michael Ragsdale on the bus to Hampton Thursday, I set a trap for our troll. Under "Cedar Grove Day 25" I posted:

"The 23 was about 70% full and being operated with an [yep] Orion. What our troll's problem probably is: I was the only White on board."

The troll fell for my Jedi mind trick, replying:

"Now I understand why buses don't run in Virginia Beach like they do in Norfolk - as depicted by these Route 23 comments. I see; it's only for their neighborhoods; we don't need them in VB. Now I know our VBTA plan makes perfect sense."

Ironically Michael called to tell me the troll has taken the bait as I was riding a bus (Route 44) across minority-majority Portsmouth. Yes, I was the only White on board again. On my final (and 10th) bus of the day, Michael let me know how everyone was firing back. (I'm glad to know you all have the decency.)

Such shouldn't be surprising from a member of a group that has never had a minority member on it's Board of Directors. (Then, when did either the TLP or CACI?) Our troll said it: supporting the VBTA is about backing racially-exclusionary policies. The only VBTAer to ever be endorsed by AAPAC was John Moss, and that was because he was running against John Atkinson-managed Rosemary Wilson.

I've talked about this issue with minority community leaders before. Now the VBTA's dirty little secret is out in the open.


Peter A. Stinson said...

Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to what Peter said.

Anonymous said...

And why, if going from Hampton to Norfolk, would you be in Portsmouth.

Anonymous said...

(continued) Isn't it faster to take the 61 to Wards Corner then catch a Granby?

Michael Ragsdale said...

VBTA: I was introduced to the VNS yesterday while heading to Hampton

Avenging Archangel said...

The HRBT was backed up. Given that, Michael (who caught a ride) called me and told me to take the MMBT instead.

Therefore, I went 61-44-45. That's through Portsmouth.

Anonymous said...

That makes sense. You got me to support tolls + HRBT widening.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Reid hasn't posted here to confirm or deny if this jerk is VBTA or not

Anonymous said...

Jessica, I don't know who is making those posts. Sorry.

While I am here, I take exception to the race baiting and unfounded racial slander directed to the VBTA.

The VBTA is open to anyone that wishes to join. It's membership is voluntary. There is no control by the leadership of the VBTA that can force any type of "diversity" within its membership.

The leadership of the VBTA comes from its membership.

Henry, how many ofd the leaders of the NAACP of Va beach have been white? Does that make the NAACP a racists organization in your opinion?

Avenging Archangel said...


Maybe you should wonder why African-Americans don't join the VBTA. If you knew the full answer to that question, you wouldn't be making such silly posts.

As for African-American groups, I myself was a speaker at a Virginia Beach African-American Community Leadership Forum on March 15. So, yes, diversity is observed in the African-American community.

Avenging Archangel said...


To continue, if a wanted to join the Virginia Beach Chapter of the NAACP, I probably could get myself named to one of the vacant committee chairmanships, given my track record of working with the African-American community. (Let me nip speculation in the bud: my calendar is too full to go down that path.)

On the other hand, the VBTA claims to represent the taxpayers. However, if you look at the group, you'd believe only upper middle class Whites pay taxes. Everyone pays taxes, regardless of income or political stripe.

Furthermore, with the VBTA habitually running candidates for City Council, it's lack of diversity should give voters reason for caution. In a city as diverse as Virginia Beach, how could VBTAers represent the citizens? Therefore, it's a legitimate issue to be raised

Finally, it was your own VBTA troll that made the racist statements. I just pointed out what he was stupid enough to say.