Sunday, April 27, 2008

2008 NFL Draft

I watched the nearly 15 hours of the NFL Draft on ESPN.

Okay, some background. From 1981-1991, I caught all (or at least part) of ESPN's Draft coverage every year. Since moving to Virginia Beach, I've had a harder time fitting it into my schedule. This year, I had a rare Saturday and Sunday off work, so I realized I had the opportunity to do it again. Some notes from the marathon:

1. My Ravens had "a fairly solid draft" according to Ron Jaworski.

2. The consensus best draft was by Kansas City. The Chiefs had 13 picks and wanted to land at least 6 starters. They probably did.

3. Worst was Jacksonville. Only 5 picks and the first of those (DE Derrick Harvey) was a reach.

4. Nobody from Florida State was taken until the 87th choice overall. (When did that last happen?)

5. Nobody from Alabama was selected.

6. For you Redskins fans, the sharpest debate of the weekend was triggered by the Redskins' selection of Hawaii QB Colt Brennan. He put up great numbers in the Warriors' run-and-shoot, but had a lousy Sugar Bowl, is only average height for a QB, and has a sidearm throwing motion that has him playing effectively shorter.

7. I did leave time for more important matters: I went to 7 A.M. Mass.

8. I can't decide which commercials were worse: McDonald's or Burger King.

9. Okay, I don't normally watch Arena Football, either. However, two undefeateds (Dallas at Philadelphia) play at 8 P.M. Monday on ESPN2 (if you're looking for something to do).

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