Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let's Get The MAX To Town Center

With April Fools Day over, I want to take up a serious issue that I've blogged on before: Hampton Roads Transit's (HRT), the pending Metro Area eXpress (MAX) service, and getting it to Town Center.

With 22 days until the TDCHR (i.e. HRT's Board) is scheduled to vote on it, we need to make a push to get Route 960 reconfigured. Here's the Public Hearing Notice: The TDCHR needs to know there is a building consensus in Virginia Beach to include Town Center on the MAX network. Reconfiguring the 960 would provide express service from Town Center to the Oceanfront and downtown Norfolk. Also, reintroduce the convention center stop that was dropped.

The Public Hearing is April 24. Any written comments need to be in by April 18. Let's let everyone know that Virginia Beach takes transit seriously.


Anonymous said...

So let me see if I have this correct...

An express bus to Town Center is on the agenda for this April 24 public hearing. You are hoping folks will come out not only in support of that, but to also encourage the express bus all the way to the oceanfront. Do I understand you correctly, Henry?

Avenging Archangel said...

The entire MAX network is the subject of the April 24 Public Hearing.

Route 960 is already scheduled to go downtown Norfolk - 19th / Pacific. What I'm hoping people will do is adovcate for:

1. That the 960 stop at Town Center.

2. That the stop at the convention center be restored.

If you can't make it the 24th (and most people can't at 1:30 on a Thursday), please send in written comments by the 18th.

Having seen what was done with last month's fare hearing, all comments will be compiled and given to Commissioners in a handout.

Michael Ragsdale said...

So far, I have 8 votes (out of 8) for people wanting the 960 to head to both Town Center and the Pembroke transfer point. If that's the case (Which makes sense so people can com from the 20 or the 1), then perhaps a route like the 36. I support both stops.