Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Portsmouth to MPO: Bring Us Light Rail

According to this morning's Virginian-Pravda (not on their website), last night the Portsmouth City Council voted 6-0 to request that the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) include light rail in the plans for a second tube for the Midtown Tunnel. One Councilman was absent.

Norfolk is constructing, Portsmouth wants in, while Newport News is planning it's first segment. Notice the missing name? Yeah: Virginia Beach. We hope to be working on that one....


Michael Ragsdale said...

How about two new tubes for the Midtown? One would be for traffic (for 2 lanes per direction) and the other exclusive light rail. I'd support that any day

Avenging Archangel said...

A third tube would drastically raise the price.

All Portsmouth is asking for is that the 2nd tube be engineered to accomodate rail - as well as vehicle - traffic. Common sense.

Michael Ragsdale said...


Wasn't sure how it would be configured. The "second tube should include light rail" does make much more sense.

This is what I get for only seeing tunnels that only carry two lanes of traffic.