Tuesday, April 1, 2008

VBTA Endorses Light Rail

In a move that took all of Hampton Roads by surprise, on April 1 the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) endorsed light rail for Virginia Beach, as part of a regional light rail network.

VBTA Chairman John Moss explained, "Over the past several months we've been working with anti-taxers throughout the region: the Portsmouth Taxpayers Alliance, Norfolk Tea Party 2, Tricia Stall's Senate campaign, etc. Many NTP2 members are pro-light rail, given the group's ties to Randy Wright. Wanting to do something positive and constructive for a change, we've decided to advocate for light rail."

VBTA Communications Director Robert Dean went on, "Light rail is such common sense that even I eventually figured it out. Workable solutions for our community should come before dogmatic ideology."

Finally, VBTA Transportation Chairman Reid Greenmun added, "It's about time that I cared about something other than rich White folks in Sandbridge. My political agenda should be about the needs of people other than the one I see in the mirror."

The VBTA is sending a letter to the Virginia Beach City Council asking them to proceed with light rail without a referendum.


Avenging Archangel said...

My original post was going to be about the annual convention of the Committee for Messnerism-Greenmunism. However, I only had one fresh angle, though it might have introduced Messnerism-Greenmunism to a wider audience.

This one hit me in the shower on Monday morning.

Anonymous said...

And in related news, Bob O'Connor is still tele-commuting in the last remaining public phone booth.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! You missed your true calling...you should be working as a writer for The Onion instead of this blog!

Michael Ragsdale said...
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Michael Ragsdale said...

I've learned through my contacts at Victoria Blvd that night service in Virginia Beach will begin today. The last 36 will leave Pembroke at 10:10 PM heading to TCC. This comes from the top