Sunday, April 13, 2008

Plaxico Burress Day Ceremony

Here's The Virginian-Pravda's short write-up on it

I made it there, but not by design. The CCO Advocacy Task Force was adjourning from it's 10 A.M. meeting at The Daily Grind. As we were coming out, Delegate Bobby Mathieson was walking on the other side of the street and called over to us. He invited us to the Ceremony, and a couple of us went.

The M.C. was Councilman Ron Villanueva, a 1988 graduate of Green Run High School. Mayor Meyera Oberndorf presented Burress the key to the City. Councilman Bob Dyer (a native of Newark, NJ) read the official proclamation for Plaxico Burress Day. Mathieson read a letter from Governor Kaine, which was presented to Burress. Green Run's Principal retired Plaxico's high school jersey. Also speaking were Burress' high school coach and Bruce Smith.

Also part of the festivities from Green Run High School were the band, cheerleaders, and some current student-athletes.

As I was sitting on the aisle Plaxico Burress entered on, I got a low five in with him as he headed for the stage. Everyone had a chance to speak to him afterwards.

The Ceremony lasted about an hour and was the first time many of us had been inside the Sandler Center's theater. For $50 million, they should have bought more comfortable seats.

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