Monday, April 21, 2008

It's A Gas Tax And Tolls

Our latest poll is over, and - barely - you voted for a Gas Tax and Tolls to cover our regional Transportation needs.

The Gas Tax plus tolls won with 41%. A Sales Tax, which was voted down in 2002, got 38% - again. 9% each voted to Do Nothing and It's A State Responsibility. 3% supported the package in HB 3202.

That brings us to our new question: what to do with Virginia Beach's Property Tax rate. Have fun!


Michael Ragsdale said...

Considering how I'm being attacked by someone who is a VBTA supporter, 3 guesses as to how I voted.

Cost of living goes up.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has been a round long enough to recall the VB Expressway tolls can recall the congestion and wrecks caused by that damned toll plaza. Even with the supposed "fast toll" passes, congestion will exist and once a toll is imposed, it takes a maverick politician to get them removed.

We all benefit from roads. People on the Western side of the state benefit from goods that travel via the Port of Hampton Roads and vice versa.

Transportation improvements are best shouldered when a small cost is shared by all citizens than by having a few hit with tolls, fees or other undemocratic funding schemes, such as those stupid "abuser fees" first championed by Del. Dave Albo.

"Toll Road Tim" Kaine has killed his political future by proposing the use of multinational corporate-owned toll roads in Virginia. One wonders if any Senators or Delegates want to follow Toll Road Tim on that toll road to political perdition?

Michael Ragsdale said...

The HRBT, Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Route 44, Route 168, and Route 337 (The Jordan Bridge) all have something in common. They are (or used to be) toll roads.

Remember how much fun it was creeping down Battlefield Blvd to the Outer Banks before the Chesapeake Expressway opened?

Think about 44 (the old Expressway; yes I still call it 44). I never minded dropping a quarter when riding with my parents and neither did my parents.

If there wasn't a $2 toll on 168, we'd all still be using Battlefield Blvd to the Outer Banks.

Anyone, myself included, who's sat in line for $0.75 for the Jordan can attest: it's much, much faster than a tunnel during rush hour.