Thursday, April 3, 2008

RAC April 3, 2008

On Thursday afternoon Virginia Beach's Resort Advisory Commission (RAC) met in a brief meeting that lasted just under an hour.

Unanimous approval was given to:

1. Mission Statements for the 5 RAC Subcommittees - the RAC itself has long had a Mission Statement, but none of the Subcommittees has had one - until now.

2. Trolley route changes - as previously reported, northbound traffic on Routes 30 and 32 north of 25th Street will be diverted from Atlantic Avenue to Pacific Avenue

A Locals Campaign has been developed. A Presentation will be given to senior City Staff on April 18 to try to gain approval and funding to move forward.

Commissioners were informed that the Virginia Beach Development Authority (VBDA) had postponed choosing a developer for Dome site redevelopment.

Finally, a nugget for those who think the RAC spends money wildly. I previously reported on the issue of lighting for the bike path on Norfolk Avenue between the Colony Trailer Park and Parks Avenue. Well, the RAC's Plan/Design Review Committee (PDRC) came back with a proposal that would install only one new light pole, using existing utility poles. A thrifty solution to a public safety problem. (Bet Bob O'Connor won't report that in The Monitor.)


Anonymous said...

"Commissioners were informed that the Virginia Beach Development Authority (VBDA) had postponed choosing a developer for Dome site redevelopment."

Want to bet they are waiting for the city budget to pass before they announce a developer and request public funding?

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 12:33,

Interesting, but how is it good politics to move the decision closer to the November election?

Anonymous said...

Honestly, it isn't a bad move "if" you happen to want "slick" Willy Sessoms elected and the current City Council members voted out of office. Don't tell me the RAC wouldn't like to see that happen... We both know they would replace all of the council just to ensure the Dome site and new hotel are funded.

Avenging Archangel said...

I'm well-aware of the pro-Sessoms sentiments among some RAC Commissioners.

However, replace the entire Council? Where are you going to find a candidate more tax-and-spend than Rosemary Wilson? In November I don't see the electoral room to run more pro-Resort than the incumbents and win. Yes, John Uhrin did it in 2006, but he managed because Richard Maddox's negatives were so high.

Here's what I think is coming: the Dome site and convention center HQ hotel will get funded to ensure that the incumbents get Resort money in their campaign funds. That's another reason the delay is perplexing.