Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Talknet 2.0?

Talknet was an Internet bulletin board hosted by until March, 2006. With obsolete software and behavior problems, Talknet was pulled down.

During a phone conversation late Tuesday afternoon, I was tipped off that discussions are taking place about starting a similar, new service. I don't know how urgently; the comment was made in passing.

Just wanted you all to know so you can put it on your radar screens.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Talknet was pulled down for a reason. Time for more Henry vs. Mr. Greenmun bashing, though this time it looks like it'll be Henry + Michael vs. Mr. Greenmun bashing. We all know Mr. Greenmun has a sound transit policy and Virginia Beach City Council should start to work immediately on it.

Anonymous said...

VBTA, you have my complete unwavering support. The sooner your agenda is approved, the better.

Anonymous said...

What's this rubbish? I think this blog is under attack too.

Avenging Archangel said...

"sound transit policy"? Reid doesn't have a transit policy: he wants to dismantle it.

Just one problem: for the VBTA's agenda to be "approved", they'd have to figure a way to elect 6 to City Council. That haven't had 1 in the 21st Century.