Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cedar Grove: The Song

On a slow day at work today, I wrote a song for Hampton Roads Transit's (HRT) newest Transfer Center. It's to the tune of The Doobie Brothers' China Grove.

When Wachovia Bank wanted to build a
Center, Norfolk downtown,
Charlotte Street Transfer Center was in the way,
O'Dell pulled it down.
They flushed out bus riders like me
to downtown's periphery.

Well, you're talkin' bout Cedar Grove,
wo, oh. oh, oh. Cedar Grove.

HRT had one week's notice,
fifty five hundred to be rerouted each day,
tried to reach them through Alerts, Internet, and Staffers,
couldn't reach them all, no way.
The first week chaos was a shame;
somehow Norfolk largely dodged blame.

We're talkin' 'bout the Cedar Grove, wo, oh,
oh, Cedar Grove.

Inhaling fumes at Lot 39,
waiting to catch the 310 downtown.
Buses now have time to kill,
diesel being wasted,
and no place to take a 10-39.
There's talk it may become permanent;
how would you get to rail?
Go multimodal at Harbor Park!

Talkin' 'bout the Cedar Grove, oh,
Cedar Grove.

1 comment:

Michael Ragsdale said...

This should be Norfolk's theme song (since they forced us away from Charlotte). Very good one.