Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Compass To 2015 Town Hall Meeting

The Virginia Beach school system held a Town Hall Meeting at the convention center Tuesday night in the development of it's strategic plan. At least 250 people were there, probably more.

Participants had three areas to cover:

1. Ranking priorities for the school system.

2. The importance of some issues

3. Coming from the schools, the proverbial essay question

Things ended with participants asked to fill out a feedback form on the event.

Those at my table liked the format. My one complaint was the number of educators who were voting members; at my table, we had a gifted students teacher and a middle school Principal.
That will certainly skew the numbers.

Others at my table were Delegate Bobby Mathieson, former School Board member Jim DeBellis, and the Chairman of the Filipino-American Community Action Group (FilAmCAG) & his wife. As it was the third time Mathieson and I had crossed paths in seven days, we were joking about it. I also recognized present NAACP President Georgia Allen, CCO Previous President Chandler Scarborough, and VBHMA President Linwood Branch.

MIA last night was the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA). The schools make up the majority of the City's operating budget, but our self-anoited "taxpayer advocates" were nowhere to be seen.

The results from last night will "probably" be posted on the schools' website in two weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Of course the VBTA wasn't there. No one wants to hear them badmouthing education