Monday, April 28, 2008

An Invitation To Ride

Over on HR Transit Ideas, Michael has posted an invitation for any officials to come out and ride the mainline trolleys. He wants to make the point that the mainline routes should draw the hybrids before Route 30 (Atlantic Avenue).

That reminds me of an offer I've twice made to the Virginia Beach City Council, and that no Councilperson has taken me up on yet. I'll publicly do it this time, not only for them but any civic leaders or candidates. (We have a Council election in November in Virginia Beach.) If you want to see bus service here, I'll take you out riding. In my last offer to Council, I mentioned I had three possible treks in mind. They are:

1. Rush Hour Triangle - Routes 36, 25, and the Cutback Route 20. A circle at rush hour largely through Virginia Beach. (You do cross into Norfolk.)

2. The Reba Special - Mrs. McClanan mentioned at a Council Retreat that she occasionally will ride into Norfolk to see how service is running. We can.

3. The Henry Special - this is what I often do on a day off: take the bus into downtown Norfolk for lunch and a matinee at MacArthur Center.

Given movie pass regulations, I have to do it on a free day that I have off work. (I'm ineligible for passes on a requested day off work.) I normally get my work schedule on Tuesday for the following Friday-Thursday, so we can schedule by Tuesday evening for the following week.

Anyone who is interested, let me know.


Anonymous said...

Not specifically relevant, but how about a discussion of the various announced and/or anticipated VB City Council candidates?

Avenging Archangel said...

I e-mailed the Registrar a few weeks ago to try to get a list of who had filed their papers, but never got a reply.

I had wanted to do such, but need an authoritative list.

Avenging Archangel said...

I just e-mailed the Registrar again.

Michael Ragsdale said...

Assuming I'm clear: count me in on a ride

Michael Ragsdale said...

and what I mean by clear is my school schedule.

Michael Ragsdale said...

Routes that I use that are usually late because of traffic:

* Route 12, leaving 20th & Seaboard at 4:45 PM
* Route 20, most rush hour trips (Henry, you know the route better than me)
* Route 25, leaving Military Circle at 5:08 PM
* Route 29, due at TCC (continuing as the 26) almost every trip
* Route 33, most morning trips when coming from the garage (this will be rectified late June at the start of the Summer Board)
* Route 36, leaving Pembroke at 5:10 PM and 6:10 PM
* Route 44, due to Midtown Tunnel
* Route 45, due to Downtown Tunnel
* Route 61, all rush hour trips. Should be the same problem with the 961 due to tunnels.

No one should be surprised about routes going through tunnels.