Sunday, March 2, 2008

A Sign Of What Our Society Is Coming To

Where I work, we have a dry erase board adjacent to the timeclock. It's used for announcements to employees, shift swapping, etc.

When I went in today, there was a single message on the dry erase board. In the handwriting of the second-in-command, there was a quote for everyone. She was trying to inspire the Staff with...Hannah Montana lyrics?

"Life's what you make it, so let's make it rock!"

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Anonymous said...

I attended the Richmond Franchise show on Sunday. Almost nobody from the local community showed. What struck me about all of the franchisors (the folks selling franchises) was that this collection of companies from all across America, did not include one manufacturer. They were all services or food operations.

We have created a business climate that is so hostile to manufacturing, that our children are likely to face servitude to multinational corporations in order to get their basic necessities. How long will our shell game of an economy stand? We can't go on suing and trading inflated real estate back and forth much longer.

Think about this while you are trying to "make it rock" at your workplace.

Why have Americans tolerated the development of a body of laws, so bizarre, that a woman can destroy a company with a lawsuit because she "feels like" it is a hostile environment. Why do we tolerate laws that allow government to destroy a business so they can sell the land under the firm to offshore real estate speculators.

America is too litigious, and therefore too risky for large capital needed for manufacturing. We have cut our own economic throats with all of this feel-good legislation that puts our manufacturers out of business.

I hope little Susie likes flipping burgers, because that is all we are leaving her to do here in America, the litigious.