Sunday, March 16, 2008

Resurrection Sunday, Easter, Or....

I'm a Catholic who in my mid-twenties spent 18 months in the discernment process for becoming a missionary religious brother. (I would have been training parishoners how to perform lay ministries in Kenya.) I've served on the Liturgy Committee in two parishes, have been an Eucharistic Minister, and try to make Mass every weekend. Given that, I love a good theological debate.

Today's Virginian-Pravda brings us the ongoing debate over what name the Sunday remembering Jesus' Resurrection should be called.'ll say it:

We shouldn't be refering to that day by a name, "Easter", derived from the name of a Roman goddess. It smells of paganism. When I learned of the origin several years ago, I was mortified.

Will The Vatican ever take up the issue? I hope so. Given the current resurgence of the Tridentine Rite, maybe we can give it a name in Latin....

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