Thursday, March 20, 2008

Destroying The UCAC In Order To Save It

Hampton Roads Transit's (HRT) User Citizen Advisory Committee (UCAC) is getting an extreme makeover. Plagued by poor attendance and behavior problems of a couple members, HRT Staff has been planning for 7 months an overhaul of the UCAC.

Only three members had their terms renewed. The remainder, including the Vice Chair, were sent letters informing them they wouldn't be reappointed. A few potential new members wait in the wings for their appointments to become official.

A recruiting campaign will begin, featuring advertisements inside the buses for passengers to read. Each of the seven cities in the transportation district has three seats on the UCAC. Members are appointed by the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads (TDCHR), HRT's governing board.

As regular bus riders, UCAC members provide HRT Staff with a picture of what's really going on in the transit network. Everyone recognizes that an effective UCAC can be a tool towards a better quality transit system.

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Michael Ragsdale said...

Looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday