Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pembroke East Detour, Day 3

Two posts ago I reported on the Detour that Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) buses were having to make with the Pembroke East Direct Transfer Center temporarily moved to Jeanne Street.

On Friday's travels I saw ten buses on HRT's Route 20, which goes through Pembroke East. 8 of the 10 were running behind schedule. Oops!

The driver who brought me home from work Friday night said she had managed to stay on schedule all day. Good for her; for the sake of riders, let's hope other drivers can figure out how to beat it.

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Michael Ragsdale said...

I know one Route 36 driver on Friday arrived at 2:03. He wanted to leave promptly (except he's supposed to wait until 2:10). Bet if we did leave at 2:03, we would've made the TCC lineup We waited until 2:10 as scheduled and didn't arrive at TCC until 2:59. Yep, everyone was gone.