Tuesday, March 25, 2008

MAX Route 960

I earlier blogged on proposed MAX Route 960. Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) now has a PDF file available that you can download on all proposed changes for the Metro Area eXpress (MAX)

I had a long telephone conversation yesterday with Michael Ragsdale, who has an appointment pending to HRT's User Citizen Advisory Committee (UCAC). A large portion was spent covering the MAX, and proposed Route 960. Neither of us believes it will work in it's proposed configuration. Michael has now put up a Route 960 poll on his blog http://hrtransit-ideas.blogspot.com/ Please vote for reconfiguration.

The prevailing attitude at HRT seems to be that since initial MAX service is being covered by a Federal grant, they don't need to really worry about it. Excuse me, but adding transit service that gets few people anywhere is a step backwards! I have it authoritatively that if payment for the service passes to the City of Virginia Beach, the 960 will be reconfigured.

I started toying with one of Michael's favorite routes, Route 121. The 121 is an express bus that goes Newport News Transportation Center - Patrick Henry Mall - Williamsburg. With the demise of The Boomerang, what if we extended the 121 -as MAX service - to Virginia Beach's Oceanfront? 19th/Pacific - Town Center - Norfolk Airport - Wards Corner - NNTC - Patrick Henry Mall - Williamsburg? That's a long route, but so is the current 61.


Michael Ragsdale said...

And with a 121 extension, don't forget to advertise where Williamsburg Area Transport buses go. They show up on the hour at the WAT transit center (Williamsburg Amtrak station) on the hour. Major destinations include:

* Grey Line: Busch Gardens; Lee Hall (connection with HRT Route 116)
* Red Line: College of William & Mary
* Yellow Line: Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center; Water Country USA (this route runs Memorial Day - Labor Day ONLY)
* Orange Line: Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center

Michael Ragsdale said...

WAT fare is:

Labor Day - Memorial Day (off peak): $1.25 + $0.25 to transfer. Max one-way fare: $1.50

Memorial Day - Labor Day (peak season): $1.50 ALL DAY PASS

Michael Ragsdale said...

I do like what you proposed for the 121. For ORF, there could be other routes as well such as
• Military Tide Station via Azalea Garden and Military Hwy (this would cover Military where the 15 deviates onto robin Hood)
• Downtown Norfolk MAX
• Amphib Base via Azalea Garden and Little Creek
• Portsmouth MAX (County & Court and Victory Crossing)