Monday, March 10, 2008

Dome Site Article: Say What?

Today's Virginian-Pravda brings us a bizarre article by Deirdre Fernandes on Dome site redevelopment:

1. The long article is largely speculation. Is the V-P that much in need of a story?

2. She never mentions exactly what Jenkins proposed for the site. Oops!

3. Jenkins is the front-runner entrant didn't come prepared to answer financial questions, and Cordish didn't even send a representative?

4. Does Armada-Hoffler think they have that much of an inside track with the city? If they do, what does that say?

5. The first comment on was by none other than Reid Greenmun, voted Our Biggest Civic Embarassment on this blog. Surprise...Surprise...he opposes it. Then, he's opposed every Resort Area project except the seawall.

1 comment:

Michael Ragsdale said...

What a load of junk. As a local, I don't visit the oceanfront. Instead, I have the 33 bring me up Atlantic Ave to 64th St and ride my bike into First Landing State Park and into a hidden beach. As a bike rider, I get in for free.