Saturday, March 29, 2008

Local Transit News March 29, 2008

The latest on two stories concerning Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) I've already blogged on:


Later in the day Friday the Direct Transfer Center (DTC) was moved back to Pembroke East from the temporary DTC on Jeanne Street.

Taking the 20 Outbound through Jeanne Street at 8:15 A.M. Saturday morning, I got to see it officially closed. A Supervisor came over to talk to the driver of our bus. As he walked away, he removed the temporary bus stop signs that had been there.

However, the utilities work on Constitution Drive still isn't quite finished. Buses are having to loop behind Pembroke Mall to approach the DTC.


I can't overstate what a gift the new Route 310 (downtown Norfolk shuttle) is for bus riders. It gives us the downtown access that the originally announced plans for Cedar Grove didn't.

Taking Route 23 to/from the TDCHR meeting on Thursday, I saw bus shelters being installed at Cedar Grove on the far side of the lot adjacent to Salter Street.

However, the most amazing thing on Saturday was something Michael Ragsdale first tipped me off to on the phone: bus destination signs were already being reprogrammed to read "Cedar Grove" rather than "Downtown Norfolk". I myself saw it on Buses 2021 and 2022. However, getting off of the 2022, the mechanical ACS voice said "Downtown Norfolk Via Virginia Beach Boulevard." Well, I guess that can't get everything at once.

One more thing, Norfolk, and things will be okay for us at Cedar Grove: portajohns. There are no bathrooms anywhere near the DTC. We'll need to relieve ourselves between buses. (At Charlotte Street, you could duck in MacArthur Center or McDonald's.)


For the "nobody rides the bus crowd", you should have been with me this morning. The previously mentioned 20 Outbound was SRO. Route 29 (9:30 at Lynnhaven Mall) was about two-thirds full.

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Michael Ragsdale said...

No problem. I was leaving Military Circle at 1:45 on the Inbound 15 (that is, towards Robert Hall so I could catch the 12 home) and couldn't believe my eyes so I figured you ought to know. The sign read: "20 CEDAR GROVE VIA" / "20 VA BEACH BLVD". I'm not sure the exact bus number, but it was a Gillig Lowfloor (2000 series). I only noticed it because the 15 took her sweet time leaving.