Sunday, March 16, 2008

"The Cartoon Guy" For Candidate?

The poll's over. You were asked "Which Deaniac would you prefer to see run against Rosemary Wilson?", and 83% of you chose Wally Erb.

Barbara Messner's former pencil-pusher, Reid Greenmun, finished in 2nd with 10%. John McMullen, arguably the biggest idiot on the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) Board of Directors, had 5%. Bob O'Connor trailed with 2%.

Erb has run for office three times before. In 1995 he lost the 7th Senate District Republican Primary to Ed Schrock. In 2000 he challenged Margaret Eure for the Centerville District City Council seat. In 2003 he ran as an Independent for Clerk of the Circuit Court, losing to Tina Sinnen. (Someone once mentioned online that he lost a fourth race, but I don't know.)

In striving to try to keep balance, and in honor of Erb's win, the next poll will be about an issue he's raised with Erb's Blurbs on Virginia News Source. Do you want term limits for Virginia Beach City Council members? If so, how many terms?

Personally, I believe term limits recognize the acute advantages of incumbency, but there is a more fundamental way of tackling the problem. However, what do you think?


Michael Ragsdale said...

And I vote for Mayor Term Limits too. The mayor (I call her Queen Hobbit) should only be allowed to be reelected once (for a total of two terms)

Anonymous said...

Based on Mr. Ragsdale's profile (22 years old) he has only had the opportunity to vote maybe once for the mayor, if his birthday fell in line.

I don't like term limits...that is what has screwed up the state government - 1 term governors.

Avenging Archangel said...

I agree on the problem with one-term Governors, but you know the problem: getting two-thirds of both chambers to approve a Constitutional amendment. Too many members with statewide ambitions for that to happen.

As for Michael, I hope to give him a political talk on the way back from next week's UCAC meeting. He's very knowledgable about transit, and could be a big asset to our community. However, he's making some immature political mistakes.

Michael Ragsdale said...

Let me come clean: last time I was living in Norfolk and voted for Fraim. Having lived in Virginia Beach most of my life, I am tired of Meyra and the buses only running until 7 PM and not at all, at least out here by TCC, on Sunday

Avenging Archangel said...

The Mayoral candidates and transit:

Will Sessoms - as Vice Mayor and HRT Commissioner, ushered drastic bus service cuts through City Council in 2001.

Don Weeks - adamantly anti-light rail. As a HRT Commissioner, did nothing memorable to improve bus service.

John Moss - VBTA Chairman. His VBTA Transportation Chairman (Reid Greenmun) has actually called for abolishing HRT.

Meyera - at Council's November Retreat, was 1 of 3 (with Villanueva and Wilson) who voted to make improving bus service a Transportation priority. In addition, is open to light rail.

Therefore, Michael, "Queen Hobbit" has the most pro-transit position in the Mayor's field. (Okay, that says more about the field than her....)

Anonymous said...

Is suggesting that we replace the taxpayer subsidized HRT with a privately "for profit" transit providers really such an awful postion to advocate?


It is very reasonable.