Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Allied Tech Fire

This one was a bit spooky. A fire broke out at Allied Tech late Monday morning http://hamptonroads.com/2008/03/beach-firefighters-challenged-stopping-fire-near-town-center

Ominously, I was next door at Bill's Flea Market when the fire broke out. Walking from my apartment to Pembroke Mall to see the movie The Bank Job (very good), I ducked in to see if I could find something to pick up cheaply. I was fustrated in that about two-thirds of the vendors were closed. In hindsight, that meant few needed to evacuate the building.

I had crossed Virginia Beach Boulevard from RBC Centura Bank, where my ATM receipt reads 11:20 A.M. The story says the fire broke out at Allied Tech at 11:31 A.M. Nobody in Bill's at the time seemed to know what was going on next door.

Coming back by about 4:50, I saw the fire trucks and smoke. As the initial press reports read "Bill's Flea Market", it struck home. Now that everything has been clarified, I'm glad that they're okay.

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