Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kaine Town Hall At Virginia Wesleyan

I went to Governor Kaine's Town Hall meeting on Wednesday evening at Virginia Wesleyan College. Here's The Virginian-Pravda's story

I have to wonder whether or not Tom Holden and I were at the same meeting. While some time was spent on Transportation, it was fourth among issues covered. Kaine started by covering this General Assembly session: his Administration's accomplishments, failures, and what he hopes to get done in special session. He then took questions from the audience for 55 minutes. The top areas: Criminal Justice, Gun Rights, and Mental Health. Only a couple Transportation questions.

Thanks to Eileen Levandoski of who drove me there. She also introduced Delegate Joe Bouchard to me. (He's a couple inches shorter in person than he photographs.) Eileen recorded the Town Hall meeting, so the audio should be posted on her blog as soon as she gets the time.

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You're welcome! It was nice to meetcha!