Saturday, March 8, 2008

Keeping The Cameras Off...Barely

By a slim 52%-48% margin, you voted to refrain from televising the Open Mic session that the Virginia Beach City Council holds at the end of it's meeting on the first Tuesday of the month.
That has been the case since it was instituted.

Personally, I support putting the session on VBTV for the following reasons:

1. You can take every argument against televising Open Mic and use it to claim citizens comments on Agenda items shouldn't be broadcast.

2. As for the possibility of people grandstanding for the cameras, with it at the end of the meeting, nobody is going to be watching unless they specifically want to see it.

3. If you've ever been to a CCO Open Mic night, you know civic leagues learn from each other in hearing the issues of others. I believe the Council session could be of benefit, too.

4. Finally, it's our City government, our television station, etc.

I didn't voice my own views until after you voted, wanting to see how you felt first.

With that done, we go to the next poll question. Inspired by the discussion under the "Bob Hedrick Withdraws" post, I ask "Which Deaniac would you prefer to see run against Rosemary Wilson?" It's a fun poll, so enjoy it.

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