Saturday, March 1, 2008

Bob Marshall At Republican Breakfast

Saturday morning's Virginia Beach Republican Breakfast covered the U.S. Senate race. Speakers for all three candidates for the Republican nomination were heard.

Shortly after returning from the buffet line with my breakfast, a woman came to my table with Bob Marshall literature. I asked her if she had lapel stickers. (Jim Gilmore's people did.) It was his wife. When I introduced myself, she remembered the e-mail I had sent the campaign, and called Bob over to speak to me.

Bob Marshall's 10 minute speech had two primary focuses. One, why he was the candidate best positioned to beat Mark Warner in November. Two, his solid conservative record of accomplishment in the General Assembly.

Marshall beat the other two speakers hands down. Leo Wardrup was Jim Gilmore's proxy. Leo avoided details, and was stumped when asked for them. Bob Berry is a good conservative, but doesn't have a snowball's chance in this field.

The bottom line: Bob Marshall is not only a strong conservative, but our best shot at beating Mark Warner in November.

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