Sunday, March 9, 2008

General Assembly To Stay Longer

The General Assembly has failed to pass a Budget for Virginia, so they'll be staying additional days. (How much longer? Anyone remember 2004?) It's a widely-reported story, but I have a couple thoughts on it that I haven't read elsewhere:

1. In 2001, we had a Republican Governor, Senate, and House of Delegates. They failed to agree on Budget amendments. The media story was that the Republicans couldn't govern.

In 2008 we have a Democratic Governor and Senate...but fingers aren't being pointed at them? (Okay, I will.)

2. In 2001 the center of the story was Jim Gilmore digging in his heels on the Car Tax.

In 2008, who in the MSM is attacking Governor Kaine for his proposed new spending at a time that Virginia is already short cash? (Yes, some in the blogosphere are.)

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