Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Welcoming Sign

Entering Norfolk via Virginia Beach Boulevard, I noticed that Norfolk now has two signs welcoming you. The first has long been there, "Welcome to Norfolk: A Hampton Roads Community." There is a second below it, "Welcome: We're building an inclusive community."

Some thoughts there:

1. Obviously no such sign on the Virginia Beach side of the line. Here it would be comical. Virtually Orwellian.

2. That may make for one of the starkest border divides since the fall of the Berlin Wall.

3. When City Manager Jim Spore finds out, Norfolk better start looking out for the infamous white Corvette. He can't have Virginia Beach residents engaging in "Uppity Behavior." Then, getting those bolted on signs down would be much tougher than smashing Mike Arsuaga's.

4. Think some shrewd Norfolk politicians are poking at Virginia Beach?

Keep it up, Norfolk. Your progress is a reminder of how far Virginia Beach has to go.

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