Sunday, February 17, 2008

ABC License Issue

Knuckleheads Roadhouse, a restaurant & bar on Witchduck Road, has applied to have it's hours of operation extended under it's ABC license. Currently it is required to close by Midnight on weekends; it is now asking for 2 A.M. Opposition has brewed up among the Northgate Civic League, and the neighboring Aden Park and Ebbets Plaza Apartments.

Since opening, this is already the second time Knuckleheads has applied for additional hours. The first application, for seasonal hours during the Summer, wasn't granted. The Virginia Beach Police Department has raised the issue of a bar in such close proximity to a residential area. A meeting of those in opposition will be held this Tuesday afternoon. The ABC Hearing is scheduled for February 28 in Chesapeake.

I like Knuckleheads and want to see it thrive within it's existing hours. If you've never been, they have very good food.

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