Friday, February 22, 2008

Newport News Light Rail

Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) has been working on the Peninsula Transit Project for quite awhile now. A Minimal Operating Segment (MOS) has been identified for a light rail line in Newport News.

While in HRT's Norfolk office yesterday, I managed to look at a map of the proposed alignment from Christopher Newport University to just beyond Mary Immaculate Hospital. (I saw an earlier draft at the October TDCHR meeting. ) Actually I was walking through the office when I saw it posted on the side of a cubicle. I stopped dead in my tracks.

The proposed alignment is slated to go to the Newport News City Council in April. If they approve, a Draft Enviromental Impact Study (DEIS) will begin.

Norfolk is building, Portsmouth has asked for accomodations through the second tube of the Midtown Tunnel, and Newport News is looking to jump onboard. Now if we could only get the Virginia Beach City Council to commission a Newtown Road - Dome site DEIS....


Anonymous said...

The NpN 2030 Framework for the Future relies a great deal on mass transit, rail language, though I've heard this story for years. Will it actually go through? If so, when?

Avenging Archangel said...

The most recent modeling of a Minimal Operating Segment (MOS)for Newport News found that the alignment's northern portion didn't have enough ridership to qualify for FTA funding.

Therefore, HRT and Newport News are now in the process of adjusting the MOS southward to try to produce a workable alignment.