Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mary Jablonski

A Happy Birthday to Regal Cinemas Columbus Stadium 12 General Manager Mary (MiniMary) Jablonski, who will turn 37 this Monday, February 25. (She looks 15 years younger.) I post this early so you can wish her a "Happy Birthday" if you're going to the movies this weekend.

MiniMary is only 5' 3 1/2" and maybe 95 pounds. As someone once told me after meeting her for the first time, "She's so tiny!" She has a huge complex about her height, normally wearing heels to try to cheat up on it. If you want to get to her, just joke her about how short she is.

Mary says she doesn't like politics. However, remember that in 2004 no Mayoral challengers filed until deadline day. MiniMary was to be the write-in candidate that I was going to push if nobody filed:

1. She's short enough for the job.

2. She's a "from here", born and lived her entire life in Virginia Beach.

3. She has business expierience: GM at Columbus since August, 1998, GM at Surf-N-Sand before that.

The funny thing: from October, 1997 - April, 1998 MiniMary was the tallest manager at Surf-N-Sand. (She had two 5' 2" Assistant Managers.)

If you run into her, be sure to call her "MiniMary". (I tagged her with that one.) If you're feeling really generous, buy her a sturdy pair of heeled shoes. She wears a size 5 1/2.

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