Sunday, February 24, 2008

All 28 Voters Agreed

In our latest poll question, "Is VBTA/TLP/CACI a democratic political movement?" All 28 ballots were cast "No". During the life of the poll, VBTA Transportation Committee Chairman Reid Greenmun was on here to comment on a post ("An Idea"). Even he didn't try to claim it's a democratic political movement.

The seed for this one dates back to the Mayoral preference poll. When I started getting some John Moss votes, I expected the Deaniacs to flood the site. After all, Robert Dean has used his huge e-mail list to throw online polls in the past. When they didn't, I started wondering. It then came to me: the Deaniac leadership doesn't want their minions reading my blog. They watched a vote go down rather than expose the minions to different ideas from the grassroots.

That brings me to this poll question. One, it's an intriguing academic question. Two, someone played games with the bus service poll. (On January 11, hits on the site were nearly double while votes for a 24% cut shot up 233%.) If it was them, it was a fun way to fire back. Third, it was a great way to test my theory from the Mayoral poll. They took the bait hook, line, and sinker.

The new poll question, "Should the Virginia Beach City Council Open Mic session be televised?" On first Tuesdays, citizens can comment on any issue at the end of the Council meeting. Currently the VBTV cameras are turned off before it begins. This is a semi-regular topic at the grassroots level, so I thought I'd poll it.

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Anonymous said...

Let me guess...all the bus poll hits came from the Marion Manor IP address on a particular Saturday morning? :)