Monday, February 4, 2008

Bob Marshall for U.S. Senate

I'm formally endorsing Bob Marshall for United States Senate, the seat now held by the retiring John Warner. Bob would make not only a better Senator, but a much better matchup against Democrat Mark Warner in November.

Over the past few years, Bob Marshall has been leading the House of Delegates on legislation covering moral issues. Most notable is his patronage of the Marraige Amendment, which prohibits gay marraige and civil unions in Virginia. Jim Gilmore has been absent on such issues.

Jim Gilmore is too easy for the Democrats to beat in November:

1. Mark Warner's big legacy as Governor is the largest tax increase in Virginia history. As one blog commenter pointed out, Warner can deflect Gilmore's attacks on it with "You made me raise them." Game over.

2. As for Gilmore's legacy, all Warner would have to do is roll footage of "No Car Tax" from 1997. Then cut to a Car Tax bill, with "You're still paying it, aren't you?" Ouch!

If you're a Republican who wants to win in November, you need to back Bob Marshall. I hope to make it to the state convention as a Marshall delegate.


Unknown said...

"You're still paying it" because Mark Warner capped it.

Spank That Donkey said...

Gov. Warner pledged to eliminate the car tax in his first or second years as Governor.

Gov. Warner pledged not to raise taxes, he lied both times.

Gov. Gilmore took excess tax revenues and gave them back to the citizens in car tax relief and a 20% rollback in state supported college tuition, and freezing it for four years.

How did he do that? By committing excess income tax revenues to a four year plan to the college presidents.

Bob Marshall is a good Conservative, but he is unknown outside of his district, and it just so happens Gov. Gilmore has won state wide twice, while carrying NOVA each time.

Saying that Bob Marshall may do, what Gov. Gilmore has already done twice takes a lot of imagination.

Avenging Archangel said...

STD (fun initials?),

As for your 5th paragraph, that would be a problem for Bob Marshall if we were nominating via primary. However, in a convention Marshall could win.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for supporting my father, Del. Bob Marshall. Having an influential voice in the Virginia Beach is very important to spreading the word about Bob Marshall!

I can email the founder of Bloggers for Bob to get you going. Please email me at

Thanks for joining up!


Joe Marshall, Online Campaign Coordinator