Friday, February 29, 2008

Bob Hedrick Withdraws

This morning's Virginian-Pravda has a blurb (not on their website) that VBTA Vice Chair Bob Hedrick has withdrawn from the Virginia Beach City Council At-Large race.

Okay, the VBTA will almost certainly field another candidate. In addition, the At-Large contest is always crowded, so it's not like Rosemary Wilson will run unopposed.

I anxiously await the June filing deadline so I can see exactly how the dance card fills up.


Anonymous said...

The article also mentioned Patrick Salyer withdrawing.

Hedrick was a reasonably strong candidate for the VBTA as a semi-respected businessman. I don't know anything about the other guy.

The VBTA will likely put in one of their usual suspects who will siphon off a small amount of the vote.

Maybe a poll would be nice? Who will the next VBTA candidate be for the at-large race? There are plenty of them to choose from!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am sure the perennial candidates (Moss, Dean, Erb, O'Conner) or maybe a newer one (Greenum?) will surface.

Won't make a difference. None of them can raise any money since they have alienated everyone but their own little circle.

Only a credible candidate can challenge Wilson.

Avenging Archangel said...

Moss is already running for Mayor. I doubt Dean will run again; he got stomped by Rosemary in 2000. O'Connor might do it just to push his anti-Resort line. As for Erb, remember that he lives in Centerville District; do the Deaniacs challenge Bob Dyer?

Reid Greenmun would be great for laughs. He has a conspiracy theory for everything. Most forums only allow one minute for an answer; Mr. Verbose hasn't given a 60 second answer in his life.

I'm playing with an idea for the next poll inspired by Anon 11:21, "Which Deaniac do you want to see run against Rosemary Wilson?" Sound like fun? :)