Friday, February 8, 2008

Redoing The Route Map

Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) is in the process of redoing it's master bus route map. Riders have been invited in to go over the current map, suggesting landmarks that should be removed or added. Attention should be paid as to their utility to the bus riding population.

It was my turn this afternoon. I went to the Norfolk office and had some fun with it:

1. The glaring ommission: neither Old Dominion University nor Norfolk State University was on there.

When I pointed that out, HRT's Customer Service Manager was embarassed. ODU has a special bus pass that it's students can buy.

2. Two closed hospitals were on there: Norfolk Community and TPI.

3. It had Chesapeake's Municipal Center, but not Virginia Beach's.

4. Social Security offices weren't on there, even though they're a well-used stop.

In all I went 2 1/2 pages of legal paper, double-spaced. I look forward to seeing the new map.

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