Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Idea

This one came to me on the trip to the Huckabee Rally on Monday. The Deaniacs are such pushsers of referenda; why don't they petition onto the ballot a question for this November? To the effect of "Do you wish the Virginia Beach City Council to implement the political program endorsed by the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance on (insert date)?" The VBTA could draft an entire political manifesto covering everything they'd like to see City Council do.

There are some advantages. One, it plays to their government by referendum line. Two, it would allow VBTA-backed City Council candidates to run on a positive note. They'd be the ones going for a "Yes" vote. Three, it would drop the cost of campaigning for them, allowing them to piggyback on the referendum question.

My point: the VBTA would never do it. It would put their extremist agenda to an up-or-down vote, and they know very well that couldn't get 50% plus 1 to go for it. Instead they'll run negative campaigns attacking everything, offering no realistic or constructive solutions of their own.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, we all know that no one would vote in support of lower taxes, more efficient government, and open and transparent decision making.

-Reid Greenmun
VBTA Transportation Chair

Avenging Archangel said...

Let's see here:

1. Maybe 2-3% voted for the General Assembly write-in slate that Reid was a member of.

2. 5% voted for Ron Paul in yesterday's Republican Primary in Virginia Beach.

The voters sure are flocking to vote the VBTA line - NOT!

Anonymous said...

Can the VBTA get a candidate elected to anything?

1. Moss lost to Wilson last time
2. O'Connor lost to Wood last time
3. Dean lost to Meyera, Wilson and McClanan

I think that makes the Archangel's point.

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 4:49,

You forgot Ben Krause getting trounced in the 2006 At-Large field.

That's piling on...but fun. :)

Anonymous said...

And lets not forget Wally Erb's loss to Margaret Eure who was thankfully destroyed by Bob Dyer!