Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CCO Opposes Bus Service Cuts

This evening the Council of Civic Organizations (CCO), Virginia Beach's civic league federation, voted to oppose bus service cuts that were pushed by City Staff when they met with Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) Staff on January 9. The Resolution reads:

"Whereas current mass transit service in Virginia Beach is woefully inadequate,

Whereas some City Council members have noted the number of residents who have urged them to increase service,

Whereas in a January 9 meeting City Staff asked Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) to cut current service by $1.2 million in the next fiscal year,

Whereas such funds only amount to one-quarter of one cent on the Property Tax rate,

Whereas such a large cut would mean possibly eliminating entire bus routes and/or weekend service,

Whereas HRT would leave the seasonal service untouched or reduce it as a measure of last resort.

Whereas HRT has a draft plan that would increase current service by twenty percent.

Therefore be it resolved that we, the civic league representatives of the residents of Virginia Beach, do hereby petition the City Council to eliminate the proposed cuts;

If any cuts must be made, the seasonal service should be reduced in at least as large a proportion as the year-round routes."

The Resolution was duly passed under Standing Rule 1 after being amended.

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Michael Ragsdale said...

Good. Here's an idea (using the TCC timepoint as an example): last trip on all routes would be 10:45 PM. This would allow the night classes that let out at 9:30 PM to catch the 9:45 PM and anyone needed extra study time / teacher assistance could catch the last bus at 10:45 PM.