Saturday, November 1, 2008

2008 AAPAC City Council Endorsements

The African-American Political Action Committee (AAPAC) has made it's endorsements for the Virginia Beach City Council:

Mayor - Meyera Oberndorf

Council, At-Large - Georgia Allen

Council, Kempsville District - Andrew Jackson

Council, Rose Hall District - Glenn Davis

The vote for Mayor was close.

The humorous part: John Moss didn't even show up for an Interview. With The Obama Effect hitting the polls November 4, Moss writes off over 30% of the voters? Even funnier will be the fact that the VBTAers will never figure out how John got creamed.


Anonymous said...

With whom was the Mayor vote close? Taylor or Sessoms?

Avenging Archangel said...

The e-mail didn't mention who.

Anonymous said...

Taylor has been trumpeting his minority connection in the Hispanic community, so my guess he was the number 2.

Unknown said...

Lines up to 6 hours were seen at the early voting centers. Exit polls from last week are showing a dead heat with Scott Taylor, and Myra. Moss is in third but only 1% in front of Sessoms. Tuesday things are going to get very interesting! We can't count Myra out because of her recent support by Obama and NAACP. She could get a surge of the first time Obama voters. Also... Sessoms has chose to ignore some African American dominated areas of the city. Sessoms also has not stuck down the Republican line and has come out in support for Warner. At the republican breakfast that seemed to be what a bunch of whispering was about. I still think 15% of that room however will lean to Warner even if he is on the Democrat ticket. Scott Taylor was a hair away from the APAC/NAACP thumbs up. So he will also get some of those voters that Will and Moss wont. The best race in my opinion is the race for VB Mayor. It's a shame the reported covering it has her head in the clouds. Myra is clueless, Will never voted against for a tax increase and has to many conflicts, Moss can't get along with anyone and has been booted out of council in the past. Taylor is green but the guy for me!