Saturday, November 8, 2008

2008 HRT Retreat Day 2

The TDCHR reconvened this morning for Day 2 of their annual Retreat. Things began with a recap of yesterday's proceedings.

The Business Plan was taken up. It's based on the same 5 Goals as the Strategic Plan:

1. Promote and Advocate Transit-Oriented Development in Hampton Roads.

2. Make Hampton Roads Transit a Transportation Provider of Choice in the Region.

3. Achieve Financial Stability & Efficiency.

4. Develop a Workforce that is Highly Qualified, Efficient, and Motivated by Excellence.

5. Increase and Improve Capital Assets.

No one had any major problems with the Business Plan.

Under Governance, the focus was on committee structure and function. With 9 existing committees, consolidation of three of them was considered.

Today I was given the opportunity to participate in the full session with the Commissioners and HRT Staff. I'd like to thank HRT for that and two good meals.

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