Wednesday, November 19, 2008

UCAC November 19, 2008

The User Citizen Advisory Committee (UCAC) of Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) met Wednesday evening at HRT headquarters in Hampton.

Tom Holden gave a report on the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). UCAC Chairman Henry Ryto had requested it, wanting UCAC members to be aware of their obligations under the statute.

An update was given on pending changes to the UCAC Guidelines. By consensus the name Transit Rider Advisory Committee (TRAC) was accepted. The previous recommendation of Passenger Advisory Committee (PAC) had been rejected by HRT Staff, as it used the same acronym commonly used for HRT's Department of Public Affairs and Communications.

UCAC Staffer Tamara Poulson covered incident reporting procedures. UCAC members were asked to follow the template used by HRT's Customer Service Department.

Staff had a full set of answers for the questions submitted by UCAC members in their City Reports.

Some HRT reports were distributed to UCAC members. The ridership report showed that ridership in October was up 8.86% over October, 2007.

The next UCAC meeting will be Wednesday, December 17 at 6 P.M. in the Norfolk office. There the UCAC will do Strategic Planning.


Anonymous said...

Any news on the 30 Day MAX (disabled pass)?

Michael Ragsdale said...

Not going to happen (this is my "big" issue with HRT)

As a disabled pass user myself, I'm affected. It also affects our Vets on the Southside that need to head to the VA Hospital in Hampton