Friday, November 28, 2008

87% Prefer November

87% of voters want to keep Virginia Beach City Council elections in November, while 12% want to move back to May.

The new poll is a non-political one: should college football hold a playoff? The last week of the Presidential campaign, Barack Obama came out for an eight-team playoff. In a 1990 letter to The Sporting News that was never published, I advocated an eight-team playoff. (Remember that the 1983 Miami Hurricanes went from 5th ranked to the National Championship.) Division I-A football is the only NCAA sport that doesn't hold a playoff for the national championship. However, some are still wedded to the bowl games and there's the BCS television contract to deal with.


jeffconn said...

No brainer. There should be a 16 team playoff. ALL 11 Division 1-A conference champs plus 5 at large teams.

First two rounds played the two Saturdays before Christmas. Semi-finals on New Year's Day. Championship game on the Saturday night a week later.

Kill the bowls, and the BCS!

Anonymous said...

Why is Meyera's husband trying to
take legal action against the Sessoms/Obama flyer? Why does he always speak for her? The citizens
didn't vote for Sessoms because they liked Obama. Most voted for anyone who could get Meyera out of
office. Why doesn't Meyera spend her final days in office, making
changes to our electoral system that would be fair to all voters and all candidates? Starting with moving the elections back to May. It is not difficult to move them back. Any legislator could help
make the change.

The real story here, is why is Roger Oberndorf, so desperate to
keep his wife in office? (against the will of the people)

Avenging Archangel said...

Anon 4:57,

It's simple, as the City Attorney has noted what this blog knew all along: The Voting Rights Act of 1965 blocks Virginia Beach from moving municipal elections back to May.

Anonymous said...

The City Attorney works for the
employees of our city, not for us.
The elections can be moved back to
May. Yes, it would require a little
effort, but it can be done.

Check out these excellent reasons why the elections were held in May,
and why they should return to that month.

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