Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clifford Goes To 18th Street

As trolley replacement in Virginia Beach is going slow, Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) has had to use a hodgepodge of equipment to keep the outlying routes rolling. Opuses were brought in when Norfolk's hybrids arrived, and some small buses even came from the Peninsula. The idea was to avoid using the remaining trolleys.

Among the buses from the Peninsula were two ad buses. They are painted a red-orange color for the Virginia Lottery. Bus 1500 was nicknamed "Clifford" by a Beach-based driver. Clifford is named for the reddish cartoon dog.

With the Summer season over, HRT has been able to put the 10 existing hybrids onto mainline service. That has allowed it to...uh...send Clifford to 18th Street (Southside garage).

Last night I spotted Clifford coming into the Cedar Grove Transfer Center. I text messaged HR Transit Ideas' Michael Ragsdale "Clifford on Inbound 23". Michael immediately called to verify that it was Bus 1500. (Bus 1503 looks similar).

Any TCC students wishing to visit their old friend Clifford, take the 25 to Military Circle, transferring there to the 20 or 23 to go to Cedar Grove.

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