Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day Pass Launch Day

Monday, October 6 was launch day for a fare structure change by Hampton Roads Transit (HRT). As voted on by the Transportation District Commission of Hampton Roads at their March meeting, free Transfers were eliminated while a Day Pass was instituted.

Personnel were deployed to the major transfer centers to deal with expected problems. I had volunteered for damage control duty and had the Military Circle Direct Transfer Center on Monday morning.

It turned out to be HRT's version of the Y2K scare. Nothing happened. A few minor incidents, but a mole hill compared to the expected mountain. When I called HRT's Tamara Poulson to exchange status reports just after 9 A.M., I was the third person to congratulate her on how well things went. As a Community Relations Specialist, Tamara had been point person in trying to get the word out. She did much better than any of us had hoped.

While at Military Circle I picked up a couple Transfers laying on the ground from the previous day as souvenirs. I probably should give Tamara one to mount on her office wall.

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Michael Ragsdale said...

I reported to Tamara and Michelle as well: no major problems. Even Wavy did a short blurb and they said it was smooth