Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The VBTA's "Line of Death"

If John Moss finishes in 4th Place and/or gets under 10% of the vote, you can begin writing the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance's (VBTA) political obituary.

Just as the May, 2000 election effectively destroyed CACI, November 4 should be the end of the VBTA.


Anonymous said...

I think with Taylor surging, Moss could be in single digits with Taylor making a respectable 3rd place showing.

Having said that, I don't see the VBTA going anywhere. Remember, CACI is still around, but their newsletters are basically rambling manifestos written by Bob O'Connor that make no sense.

Anonymous said...

We shall see.

Avenging Archangel said...


Why haven't the remnants of CACI been folded into the VBTA? Granted, a number of CACI personalities are now VBTA, but CACI is largely an empty shell.

In it's heyday, CACI had a 17 member BoD; now it's down to 5. You could keep The Monitor and CACI's PAC as a PAC.

Anon 4:24,

The latest edition is humorous. Bob O'Connor lays out a preelection manifesto...that never touches on Transportation.

WTF Bob?!?

Anonymous said...

Taylor surging???? What? Is he speeding through traffic lights or running stop signs????