Tuesday, October 7, 2008

2008 Hospitality Industry Candidate Forum

On Tuesday afternoon there was a Virginia Beach City Council candidates forum at the Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center, cosponsored by the Virginia Beach Hotel/Motel Association and the Virginia Beach Restaurant Association.

It was a pretty tame affair. Most candidates took the line of recognizing the value of Tourism as an economic engine, but not committing to much new local funding given the national economic picture.

Interesting was that Reba McClanan no-showed, after having indicated she would attend.

The humorous moment of the day was when the Moderator drew for the first person to answer the light rail question...and it was John Moss.

There was an entire entourage of VBTAers there, with one taking photos. Therefore, we should be hearing more from them on it. I had to chuckle when he went to get one of me...and his flash didn't work.

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