Monday, October 13, 2008

The White Horse Trots Off Into The Sunset

White Horse Pub, long a fixture in Pembroke Mall, closed this weekend. They were open for business on Saturday night. On Sunday things were being moved out, with a padlock on the door later.

I've talked to two sources who give me divergent stories on what happened. However, this is what they agree on. White Horse changed ownership about a year ago. Previously it had been a break-even operation. There was a core of regular customers who kept the place floating. Inexplicably, one of the first things the new ownership did was run all the regulars off. Yeah, the people who were covering the bills. Some changes were made that might have saved it in the long run, most notably the "Home of Local Rock" bringing in urban acts on sweetheart financial deals. Nevertheless, White Horse Pub was still bleeding money.

The rest - as I mentioned - I've heard conflicting stories on. Regardless, the Pub is now history.

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