Tuesday, October 7, 2008

That's Why He Has So Much Time

The last few times I've posted on light rail, Wally Erb has been on here to comment in the negative. Wonder why he has so much time to do so? That's because he can't go to a candidate forum without getting kicked out.

On Wednesday evening, October 1, the Shore Drive Community Coalition held their forum. Wally showed up, and started after Rosemary Wilson. He wanted to do one of his candidate Interviews for Virginia News Source (VNS). Rosemary didn't want to, given the personal attacks Wally had previously launched against her on VNS. Erb denied making the attacks. In short order, Wally Erb got thrown out of the building.

Granted, Rosemary isn't on my Christmas card list. However, it's symptomatic of the behavior of members of the Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA). They've disrupted City Council Budget Hearings, trying to intimidate speakers who disagree with them. Given that record, at least two Council candidate forums this Fall have had beefed up security in case VBTAers showed up and tried to cause mischief.


thesh00ter said...

lol, wow. it's amazing to me that the lack of professionalism doesn't hender peoples occupation (i.e. Bill O'Reily)

well eventually they'll reap what they sow. just look at Jack Thompson, he was disbarred. u know for a lawyer to be disbarred nowadays is pretty rare.

Anonymous said...

And still people will be surprised when Moss finishes a distant 4th place in the mayor's race!

Anonymous said...

Amazingly this has not been covered on VNS