Saturday, October 25, 2008

V-P Editorial Board Doesn't Get It

As we've come to expect from The Virginian-Pravda Editorial Board, they endorsed as status quo a slate as possible for the Virginia Beach City Council.

For all the fishwrapper's lecturing on Regionalism, they can't fathom a simple fact: Virginia Beach's status quoers are largely go-it-aloners, only accepting Regionalism where it will allow them to get policy areas outside the review of voters. If The V-P wanted Virginia Beach further integrated into Hampton Roads, they should have endorsed Georgia Allen and Andrew Jackson rather than Rosemary Wilson and Harry Diezel. Trying to prop up Virginia Beach's status quo isn't going to achieve The V-P's policy line.

It took a voting rights suit to push Norfolk forward; it then took 14 years for The V-P to admit that Norfolk was better off for it. It will take fundamental political reform in Virginia Beach for us to work all our talent into the game. The sooner we do it, the sooner we can move forward at full speed. The last 6 years have seen City Councils paralyzed in Virginia Beach, afraid to do anything due to the political strategic deadlock. Progress will only be made when all the new realities are publicly admitted to and dealt with.

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