Sunday, August 2, 2009

More VBTA Light Rail Follies

I thought you'd want to join in on the laughs. There's fun at the Wally's World blog at Virginia News Source.

1. Wally Erb put up a post noting a run on land adjacent to Norfolk's planned Military Highway Station.

Uh...Virginia Beach Taxpayers Alliance (VBTA) Transportation Chairman Reid Greenmun has been running around telling everyone that Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) can't happen here due to the financial markets. Erb reports it is happening, nuking Greenmun's argument.

2. Erb unveiled the VBTA's Plan B: if you can't beat LRT at referendum, sue over the "inadequacy" of the SEIS.

One problem: neither the TDCHR, the City of Virginia Beach, nor HDR (the consultant) is legally liable for the content of Federal law and regulations. As long as we follow the rules, no basis for a suit.

On one level, I hope they do sue. After winning the countersuit for the delay caused by the frivolous original suit, we can place liens on the VBTA leaders' homes and sell them off to cover the increased cost.

3. Al Saferstein repeats his tired charge about a No Build Alternative. If Al knew a thing about NEPA policy, the first thing looked at in any EIS is the No Build Alternative. That's to make the case that there is a need to do something. So Saferstein lets it slip that he doesn't know a thing about what he's blathering about.

However, we should thank him for admitting VBTA Transportation policy is to do nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Reid says TOD won't occur and Wally says it is happening. Talk about the gang who couldn't shoot straight!