Friday, August 7, 2009

Not Very Hopeful

55% of you are pessimistic about the chances of the Minority Roundtable have a good impact. 27% were neutral, while 16% were optimistic.

The new poll question will be about the issue coming out of this week's Virginia Beach City Council Retreat: Do you support the CIP project package? Have fun!


William Bailey said...

Henry: You should have included a funding source in you questions. The way it is currently, makes it hard for anyone to vote "no" except for some hardcore nut case who wants to read into the question.

Who in there right mind would oppose all the items that are included for the everyday VB residents? Everyone wants better roads, safer and fast fire and paramedic service and more jobs. However I'd vote no if it has to come from a tax increase.

As we know there are always funds to build on a Dome site, light rail or some other big dollar items but nothing remains for the residents. Heck even Mrs Wilson, Glen Davis and Ron object to raising the REtax 2 cents. I'm in good company on this one except I'm not running for a state office... LOL

Avenging Archangel said...


No one on Council has suggested an alternate financing method to the Mayor's two cent Property Tax rate hike. Therefore, I didn't include it. Granted, we may see the package passed with a more palatable funding mechanism.

Yes, I think imposing an ambulance fee makes much more sense. Remember I advocated one at the 2004 City Budget Public Hearing at Kellam High School.

William Bailey said...

I know you also support charging for EMS transports and there are many others.

Raising RE-taxes shouldn't be the first option we reach for. User fees is the best place along with cutting "optional" items.