Friday, July 31, 2009

62% Get It

62% of you realize that Virginia Beach light rail isn't going to referendum. 37% of you are deluded enough to believe that City Council will ignore 3 major business groups in order to kowtow to the VBTA.

The new question: what are your hopes for Mayor Sessoms' Minority Roundtable? Will it be a diversionary talk shop, or will proposals from it actually become City policy?

With the City Council Retreat next Monday and Tuesday (August 3 & 4), I hope to get a poll question idea or two out of it.


Anonymous said...

Based on comments I see in the paper, I don't think the majority of the council has the guts to take a stand on light rail. A pity.

thesh00ter said...

i only voted yes because i think the people will protest until they get one

Wally Erb said...

I voted yes.

Although he later stated he regretted doing so, Mayor Sessoms made the campaign promise to afford the electorate a light rail referendum.

Also, he campaigned on the need for direction, unity, and strong leadership. In that case, the Mayor not only stood for his position but his leadership by example concerning issues.

I refuse to believe that Mayor Sessoms would selectively initiate individualism or a leader roll at will incumbent upon the issue. I take him at his word, honesty, and leader.